Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites; Week 12

Happy Friday!

Didn't y'all just love hearing from Aubrey yesterday?
I knew you would. 
Annnnnd if you haven't already noticed, my March sponsors are up!
You should totally go check them out.

So, now on to the real business. 
Sorry these are a little wordy, but I love them:)

These could come in handy when you're taking a stroll through Compton.

 Two of my favorite things:
Pugs and Tattoos<3


Also true. 


This will be my Bridesmaids invitation... 
Or whatever you would call it. 

 This couple made this into a puzzle and give it to each member of their family at Christmas. 
How cool of an announcement is that?!

Well played...

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See y'all tomorrow!


Bekah Foley said...

Just died at the "well played taco bell" one and I really wish I had seen the "be my bridesmaid" idea like a year ago!!!


Elisha(: said...

Love love these!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! LOVE the Christmas music graph! :)

Amanda M. said...

Haha! LOVE the Christmas music graph! :)
**Sorry - that anon was me.....stupid blogger.

Anna Elder said...

haha - laughing at all of these. I saw the gang signs this week…so funny. I have a pug so I'm completely drawn to that photo. It's so precious!!!

I'm a new reader, found through Follow Friday! :)

mrs. k said...

I wish I would have seen that little card to invite people to be your bridesmaids before I got married! Too funny/cute!!!

Bronwyn said...

I'm loving your blog! I'm a new follower from Follow Friday!