Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 14th = 14 Things

Lately I haven't been feeling very creative or original.
Maybe it's because I start school in less than two weeks and I'm over the moon excited...
Or maybe it's because I spend my days thinking about my beautiful Erin Condren planner that should be in the mail shortly.

Either way, I hope that this feeling passes soon.
I miss y'alls amazing comments on posts that I actually put thought and love into.

So since its already the 14th of the month, I'm going to give y'all 14 random facts about me.


1. I have a problem with leaving cups in my bedroom for weeks. I know this is disgusting and I can't stand it anywhere else in the house, but if I took a picture of my room right now there would be 11 styrofoam cups everywhere.

2. I'm probably a little too excited to go pick up my psychology book next week. I think I'll even get a head start on reading.

3. I hate to shave my legs. Not because it's a hassle like most women would say, but because my legs always break out and its for a week the next day. I have tried everything and none of it works.

4. Sometimes I find myself only looking for blogs with giveaways. I feel guilty every time.

5. I'm still trying to get in the swing of paid sponsorships. I keep putting off things to promote my sponsors and I need to get on it.

6. Tony&Guy is my salon and I refuse to go to another one ever again. The girl that put blonde in my hair this past time completely over processed it and a lot of my hair fell out and broke off. So now I'm back to dark hair and I think I'll stay this way.

7. I felt a little lost today because the Olympics aren't on anymore. What did I watch on television before they came on?

8. The best part of my day is getting to lay down with my little puggie Bella. She really is my child in my eyes and I really don't think my real kids will be near as cute.

9. I'm always uncomfortable if I wear a shirt without a tank top underneath it.

10. I love Texas summers... honestly. I'm a Texas girl through and through and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

11. I get too lazy to respond to people's tweets on Twitter.

12. I usually don't wake up until noon every day. Why? Because I stay up until 3 in the morning on my computer. Oh, and because my ass is lazy and doesn't want to get up an earlier.

13. I watch way too many cop shows. Southland, Law&Order SVU, Common Law, Lockup, you name it. I'm obsessed.

14. I can't even think of a 14th one..

There you have it.. 14 13 things about me you might not have known.
Whew.. That definitely took a little longer than expected.

Have a great Tuesday Everyone!



Paige said...

Um ok. We apparently have some really weird things in common. I do the same thing with the cups and my legs always break out. It hurts/itches sooo bad!

anddd I do the same thing with my computer and not waking up. I'm up way early today.

Sarah said...

I am the same way with cups!! They're everywhere in my room!! And I rarely wear shirts without tank tops either. It feels funny without them. I hate shaving, but because of the hassle. It's so time consuming!

Teenage Bride said...

no shame in getting excited about psychology! My favorite subject!!!!

Rima said...

lmao... i do the same thing with cups and dishes. my mother will be like, RIMAAA PLEASE BRING THOSE DISHES DOWN. I'll never change.

Niki said...

Toni & Guy is such a goody salon! I used to go to the one in Atlanta when I lived there. And I love psychology (I was a psych major in college) so I can understand being excited for that!

Alexandra Anne said...

I liked your "13" things ;)
Hehe, I've felt bad about sleeping in til 10am, so I hear you. For me also it's because of staying up all night online! Usually because of bloggy reasons...yeah, I might have an addiction. ;)
I'm excited for school too!

Grace said...

try an electric epilator! I use that and it get's easier each time haha. I just do it while I watch tv to distract myself but it lasts for at least two weeks.

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

you're so cute! i really appreciate your honesty!

daniel does that with the cups, too. all. the. time.

:) You are so awesome kodi!

Allie Brooks said...

Love your blog! I love random facts... I swear I come up with a million new ones about myself daily.

P.S. Since the Olympics are over, I've totally been into Shark Week. Just a suggestion... it's helped with my "post-olympic syndrome." ....haha!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Love posts like this!