Friday, June 6, 2014

High Five on Friday

I don't think I'm feeling tgif this week even though I have a helluva' weekend ahead of me, next week is probably going to put me under. New job, 2 twelve hour shift at the fire department, and a day or two at my job now= hell for this girl.
All I can keep reminding myself is, "It's only one week... It's only one week."
And then we'll be less than a month until move in!

Today is Friday though, so I guess I should celebrate it by realizing the highs of my life about now.

1. I start my new 'big-girl job' on Monday! Better pay and literally 3 minutes from our apartment is heaven, and I'm so excited. I'll be the front desk receptionist in a therapy clinic with a group of women that I think will be wonderful.

2. George Strait is TOMORROW.

3. I think I'm almost completely done shopping for our apartment... Okay well let me rephrase that.. MOM is almost completely done shopping. I still have a few more things I need.
 This isn't even half of it...

4. George Strait is TOMORROW.
And you should follow me on instagram if you want live updates.

5. This is awesome.

What are your highs for the week?

If I survive GS, I'll be back sometime with an update.


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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's Wednesday and I'm Posting about the Weekend.

Hey y'all.

It's Wednesday and I'm just now posting about the weekend.. It's okay though, I have an excuse.
But first how about we talk about Saturday.

Austin's cousin had her graduation party and I may or may not have partaken in playing beer pong with jello shots. I'm pretty sure the final tally of jello shots i ingested was 32.

And yes, I survived.
Here's a picture of my sweet boyfriend and I before I got shitty a little tipsy.
I swear he loves me even though he looks like he can't stand to be near me.

Okay, so now for my excuse to why I'm finally posting my weekend update.
Yesterday I got to do a ride-along with Plano Fire Department and I got to experience a house fire.

All Photos Courtesy of First Response Photography

Talk about an awesome experience. I was hooked!

This weekend, I'll be here...
Pictures to come:)