fur babies.

These are my sweet babies.
Each of them has their own personality and they each have a special place in my heart.

-My little sweet cheeks.
-Sleeps with me whenever she feels like it.
-My room is her room.
-Roxy is her BFF. (besides me)
-Hates Weezy
-Does not like to go outside.
-Wakes me up with kisses.
-Loves me unconditionally.
-Spoiled rotten. 
-Doesn't like when I'm on my phone or the computer.

-Loves Bella
-Hates Weezy
-Thinks she weighs 5 pounds.
-Total lap dog.
-Has a problem with skunks.
-Loves to be running outside
-Watches tv

-Has the body of a show dog.
-Also hates Weezy.
-Loves having his own, special toy.
-Enjoys barking at the donkeys.
-Can shake, high-five, and speak on command.
-Barks at dogs on tv
-Is starting to love to be cuddled.
-Has bad hips:(

-Loves Bella
-Loves Roxy
-Stays away from Jay-J
-Wild puppy
-Doesn't wake up until about 10 in the morning
-The Devil
-Eats poop... and lots of it.
-A sweetheart when she's tired.

Our Angels

I love and miss you both everyday<3


Camille Griffiths said...

Your babies are adorable!!

TotallyBrenda.com said...

omg those doggies are adorable! why does everyone hate weezy? is it the poop?

found you on bloggers coast to coast. moving to dfw in 16 days! woot!