Sunday, May 25, 2014

Joining the Sunday Social

One thing I love to do on Sundays is hang out and talk to my family and friends.
(Don't ask why I'm tucked away on a computer...)

So when I was going through my daily news feed, I saw the 'Sunday Social' with Neely and Ashley.. Me and being social on Sunday is a key.
So why not join up...

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite handbag you own?
Just one? I seriously have an emotional attachment with all of my handbags. Numero uno though would have to be my Tory Burch tote, mainly because of how I got it. I live about 30 miles north of Dallas, and I had my new-at-the-time lovely boyfriend drive me to Highland Park after working ALL day to get it. I knew right then he was a keeper;)

2. 3 things you would buy right now if money was no object?
-Brand new wardrobe for my NEW job!
-All new furniture for our apartment (Yes, I would keep the apartment.)
-A new truck for Austin
3. Name a place you would go right now if given a plane ticket to anywhere?
I would love to go see New York City, especially with the 9/11 museum open. 

4. What is the most valuable life lesson you've learned from blogging?
People's lives may look better than yours on a computer screen, but they just might be struggling more than you in real life.

5. What is the most valuable life lesson you've learned from a friend?
I can't think of something that I've learned from a friend, but I can tell you something that I've learned about friends... We all grow up, and if you didn't have a strong friendship in high school, you won't have one when you get out either.


Friday, May 16, 2014

New Beginnings

Hey, Hi, How ya doin'
It's been a while hasn't it?
Well if you can't quite remember, it has been a while and a lot has changed.

I'm about to be a registered EMT hopefully by the end of the summer.
I've finished all of the classwork and I start my ER rounds and ambulance ride-outs next week. I have been so happy with my decision to go into this field. To know that people will one day trust me to comfort them in their time of most need is a wonderful feeling.

I also met the love of my life. 
I am head over heals in love with this man. He is so good to me and treats me like I never thought possible. We'll be together a year June 25th and we move into our first apartment July 8! I'm ecstatic to start this next chapter of my life with him. 

So these two major life changes are going to be the foundation for my new, improved blogging life. Now I can finally share my decorating skills, recipes (because now I'll have to cook, ugh), and life as an EMT. Hopefully I'll be able to make the move-out-of-parents-house process a little easier for someone and add some humor along the way because if you used to read my blog you know my life is usually a shit show. 

So hopefully you'll hop on with me and enjoy the ride.